April 22, 2021


Over the course of the project, CROSSCOMP will organize two events to bring together policy makers, students, academic staff, local stakeholders and industry to share information on the implementation of measures for the increase in quality and accessibility of the education programs available in the eligible area, and to foster dialogue and engagement. These events will include:

  1. CROSSCOMP opening public event, where project objectives and main activities will be presented and discussed with stakeholders (25.11.2020).
  2. CROSSCOMP final public event, where results of the project, will be presented and discussed with stakeholders.

Another foreseen event will take the shape of a dedicated cross-border regional conference on automotive engineering academic teaching in Iasi, in order to provide tools and strategies to help faculty members become fully effective in automotive engineering teaching. The conference will have a two days duration. In the first day, aspects concerning the curriculum design will be addressed, the main design focal points being the course content, the course structure, the course balance (theoretical vs. practical), the co-operative component (interaction with the industry and with the academic partners from the cross-border region), the didactic concept, and knowledge sustainability. In the second day, the members of the academic staff target group will receive dedicated training from external specialized instructors in order to cover the main aspects of creating and managing student teams, large classroom techniques, difficult students, project-based learning and design, distance learning practices.